College Planning Consultants

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Snavely Insurance and Financial Services isn't just a full service finance and insurance firm.  What if we told you there was a possibility to send your child to an ivy league school for less of what it would cost to send them to an in state school?  We are not talking about a college savings 529 plan.


College Planning Consultants changes the traditional College Selection Process and introduces new ways your child can be academically and financially prepared.  It completely changes the way students find colleges by implementing software and educating them from an early age.  Traditionally, the student would try to find the college that was right for him or her by a number of ways.  Today College Planning Consultants implements many strategies and softwares that can tell you what schools are best for your child.   College Planning Consultants unwind every strategy that as a loved one or parent, you will need to know.  We want to help guide your child every step of the way.  We have a complete program that will help the student and family from academic assistance, college selection process, admission application information, FAFSA support, to financial aid and scholarship searches.  

In order to prepare them fully, ideally we try to talk to your teenager by the time they start highschool.

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